The New Fundamentals: Introducing Computation into Arts Education


Peppler, K. (2010). The New Fundamentals: Introducing Computation into Arts Education. In E. P. Clapp & M. J. Bellino (Eds.) 20Under40: Reinventing the Arts and Arts Education for the 21st Century.

Given the advent of digital experimentation in the arts, this chapter conceptualizes the role that media arts can play in educational settings by looking to the ways that professional artists manipulate digital media. This chapter argues that learning to creatively code constitutes the new fundamentals of arts education in a digital world. The chapter presents a survey of contemporary projects that use computation as a way to manipulate the medium of the computer, outlines core-programmig concepts for the novice reader, and showcases what inner-city youth are already creating through the use of computer programming.

Kylie A. Peppler

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Publication Date: 
August 1, 2011