What is 'Digital Literacy'?


As posted on Doug Belshaw's #neverendingthesis:

"On Monday 3rd October 2011 I submitted my doctoral thesis to Durham University: What is 'digital literacy'? A Pragmatic investigation.

'A movie is never finished, only abandoned.' (George Lucas)

Just like a movie director, I don't feel that I 'finished' my work in order to submit. Instead, there came a time when I had to draw a line under which was written 'submission date'. This wiki is a chance for me to continue working on my thesis long after it's been submitted. In the sidebar you will see links to the various chapters that make up my thesis. Depending upon when you access this wiki, the content may be very similar or completely different from the version I submitted.

The version I deposited in Durham University's e-theses repository is available in Microsoft Word (.doc) and Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format (on his site).

The site also includes his presentations on digital literacies.

Doug AJ Belshaw

This work is public domain, as stated by this Creative Commons Licence.

Publication Date: 
October 3, 2011