Brother Mike Hawkins- A YOUmedia Perspective: Remixing Connections, Culture, and Creativity

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In this week's connected learning webinar, "Brother Mike" Hawkins shares his personal experience about YOUmedia Chicago and the power and potential of interest-driven learning.

About this Speaker:

Mike Hawkins (aka Brother Mike) is the heart and soul of YOUmedia. The YOUmedia Coordinator/Lead Mentor for Digital Youth Network, Brother Mike came to DYN with eight years’ experience working in the classroom at Carter G. Woodson on Chicago’s South Side. Brother Mike specializes in spoken word and hip-hop. Follow him on Twitter: @BrotherMike1

As a mentor, Brother Mike has worked across media, from spoken word to radio to graphic design. Most notably he helped develop and implement various multimedia projects in formal and informal spaces. Brother Mike's current projects include:

Digital Media and Learning Research Hub

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Publication Date: 
April 17, 2012